We provide strategic consulting to support healthcare technology companies with valuation/appraisal of assets and value creation throughout the product commercialization process sequence.  Our work supports decision making at all levels of the company structure from the corporate suite to brand management. We provide solutions for the key healthcare technology segments - Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology.

Our consulting services encompass multiple focus areas that include:

Business Development:

  • In-licensing and partnering asset opportunity assessments
  • Commercial due diligence

Market Access:

  • Reimbursement analysis and strategy
  • Value proposition development and message testing
  • Evidence development requirements to support value proposition
  • Stakeholder segmentation planning
  • Reimbursement strategy development and tactical support
  • Reimbursement landscape assessment
  • Value proposition analysis

Commercialization Planning:

  • Competitive planning
  • Payer reimbursement and patient journey analysis
  • Inpatient and outpatient buying process
  • Launch planning and product management strategy
  • Healthcare policy navigation
  • Procedure coding assessment and time and motion studies
  • US Medicare (CMS) coding application and petition support